By Savraj Singh, performed Nov 20, 2010

1= 0:11 (time signature for beat track by eliot lipp, vallejo)

Hey people let’s make sure you can hear me

Let’s kick start it up with some history

In 1708 just a month before he died

In Nanded, Guru Gobind Singh arrived

He saw strife, in the land of five rivers

But in this town, a new leader would be found

Banda Singh Bahadur, fell to his knees

He accepted his mission, and the Guru was pleased

2= 0:33

He set off to rid the Punjab of oppression,

His faith in Waheguru his only possession

Mighty Banda Singh, rallied the sangat,

To fight for freedom and eliminate manmat

He uplifted the lowest castes, and the weak,

He gave them hope, with a winning streak

Peasant farmers could now own their own land,

At Sirhind, the rulers made their last stand

3= 0:57

The Mughals finally met with their fate,

Lohgarh was the capital of the first Sikh State

Banda and the Sikhs ruled for several years,

Setting a high-bar for freedom, quite unlike Wazir’s

Eight years later, the Mughals came back,

Banda Singh was tortured, killed, and racked

Nonetheless, you wouldn’t be here today,

Without his compassion for the Sikh way

4= 1:19

Let’s not forget, the tireless Sikh panth,

Parents and kids, who loved the Guru Granth

British historians were shocked by their strength,

Willing to give their lives, even if no one survived

The Mughals wrote, that their soldiers were scared,

Because the Khalsa Army was always prepared

Never forget, those that lived before us

They earned you a seat, at the front of the bus

5= 1:41

That was 300 years ago, let’s talk about today

Sikhi did flourish but are we here to stay?

Relatively speaking, our resources are unmatched

But look a little closer and we seem, detached

Save Punjab, yeah, we’ve done that before,

But first save yourself from being such a bore!

Banda Singh became a Sikh at age 38,

For all your excuses, know it’s never too late.

6= 2:04

A Sikh is a student, and you’re always learning

When’s the last time that you felt that yearning?

The spark of Sikhi can be found within you,

The fire starts when you approach the Guru.

You won’t get there lacking honesty and respect,

Be honest with yourself, with others be direct.

Don’t worry about how others measure you,

Your life’s between just you and Waheguru.

7= 2:27

One other thing, our humility is lacking,

Before we look within, we walk around attacking

Like many around us we’re lost in materialism,

Suffering from a self-imposed imperialism

Where’s the work ethic, we’re always online,

I must say, that it’s an epic waste of time

Remember your roots each every day,

Serve others, work hard, your effort will pay

8= 2:49

We’ll save Punjab once we can save ourselves,

It starts from within and nowhere else

Sikhi’s about love, so let’s trust one another,

Whether your frenemy, mom, dad, or brother

Awaken that inner lion, it’s sleeping inside you,

When the lion roars, you’ll be surprised too

Banda Singh Bahadur, fell to his knees,

He accepted his mission, and the Guru was pleased