Mowzilla: My Self Driving Lawnmower Project

16 Jan 2024 • Savraj Singh

So during the pandemic in 2020, I was at home at my parents house – and I had some spare time. I also had access to my dad’s lawnmower, and as a hardware and software engineer, I had no choice but to largely automate the monotony of lawn mowing. So I went about it. Here’s how I did it, as a youtube video:

Some bonus content, that I didn’t include in the video:

  • Tuning the parameters on the Ardupilot controller was a tricky trial and error process, but when achieved, it worked quite well.
  • I had the opportunity to meet Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief of Wired Mag and the founder of diydrones at Self Racing Cars in California many years ago. He’s a great guy!
  • It’s amazing how powerful Ardupilot actually is! Looking forward to making an even better version of this!